GFIRELAY Interface Circuit Board





  • Electrical:
    • 15VDC Power @ 250mA.
    • 240VAC Solid State relays @ 10 Amps (NC until a fault occurs)
    • LED or Lamp Output 15VDC @ 100mA to indicate a fault condition.  LED external to the Board.
    • All Reset Input.  0-15VDC.
  • Mechanical:
    • 6”x6”x2”High


  • Stock Item, US$370


Circuit Description:

The GFIRELAY board interfaces the GFIV1.2 board to customer supplied power circuits and or power controlling contactors. The solid state outputs can switch up to 10 amps at up to 240 VAC. Switch times are 1/2 cycle maximum. It is because of the fast switch times that it is not possible to switch a DC circuit. The design concept is that the GFIV1.2 detects a ground fault situation and provides the GFIRELAY board with a low level signal (CMOS). This signal is latched inverted and amplified. The signal to the power SSR is removed and the circuit interrupted. Nominally this takes less than 25mS. For more information contact DTECs' technical department. For download of Schematic and General Arrangement in DXF format go to download files.