Linux Based Telemetry Systems

DTEC Telemetry Systems use the operating system of Linux for the surface computer and its associated graphics.



o        Industrial Computer, Pentium or better processor, 10 Serial Ports, 1 Parallel Port, Ethernet, 60G HD, 1.44M FD.

o        120 channel Digital Input or Output. TTL Compatible.

o        32 channel Analog Input. 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC or +/-5VDC. Selectable gain.

o        4 channel Multi-VGA ports. Pilots Screen, Co-Pilot Screen, VGA Video Overlay, 1 Spare Screen.

o        VGA Genlock Video Overlay System.

o        Communications over TWP (3 Miles Max) or fiber. Serial Com 1 dedicated for Sub. Serial Com 2 dedicated for Cage.

o        Logging capability to disk and/or printer.

o        Logging to user computer via serial link.

o        Interface to Vision capture computer.

o        Interface to Ships Gyro.

o        Interface to Umbilical Management system.

o        Dual touch screen capacity. Dual user interface.

o        Mouse/Trackball interface.


o        G96 bus Industrial single height rack.

o        80486 based computer. Real Time software kernel.

o        VGA, Keyboard, 2 serial, 1 parallel port. Memory, IDE, Floppy Port.

o        Flash Disk, 127MB. Contains operating system, application, defaults.

o        64 Channel Open collector outputs. 80VDC @ 4Amps. Optically Isolated from Logic Ground.

o        64 Channel Dry Relay contacts. 30VDC,120VAC @ 1 Amp. Optional 30VDC , 240VAC @ 8 Amps.

o        32 Channel Analog input. Optional optical Isolation.

o        32 Channel Digital inputs. Optical Isolation.

o        16 Channel Analog Outputs. 0-5VDC, +/-5VDC, 0-10 VDC, +/-10VDC, @ 25mA

o        8 Channel Water Alarm Interface. Optionally 16 Channels.

o        8 Channel Ground Fault Board, Optionally 16 Channels.

o        8 Channel Optically Isolated Serial Ports, Depth sensor, Compass, FOG, Altimeters.


o        1000 Meter Anodized aluminum Housing

o        1850 Meter Anodized aluminum Housing

o        5000 Meter Titanium Housing

o        Surface Computer 19 Rack Mount

o        Various Manufactured Subsea Connectors available.

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